Annual Fund
"I believe in you."
You came to be where you are because someone, somewhere along the way, believed in you.  We believe in the children of St. Michael and hope you do, too. We need your support. Say, "I believe in you" to our children and community through a gift to our Annual Fund. May God bless you for your generosity!
Question 1: What is the "Annual Fund?"
The "Annual Fund" is the first priority of all our fundraising efforts. These dollars come from parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, parishioners, family, staff and friends. As unrestricted funds, they go directly to the operating budget. Our budget is sourced first by tuition, second by the Parish subsidy, and third by the Annual Fund. Until we collect these dollars for the budget we cannot move on to funding new initiatives, updates or projects for the school. 
Question 2: Why Is My Participation Important?
Your support is critical to St. Michael's financial health. Annual Fund dollars have immediate impact on the experience of our students and the education at St. Mike's, funding our most essential expenses. St. Michael is ambitious in the academic, community, and spiritual experience we provide for our students, and must be so to remain viable. Your support is crucial.
Question 3: Where Do My Dollars Go?
Your gift reaches every aspect of life at St. Michael Parish School.
  • Teacher & Staff Salaries & Professional Development
  • Classroom Resources & Upgrades 
  • Math, Science, Language, Culture & Arts Education
  • Cultivating the Digital Learning Environment
  • Faith Development & Faith in Action
  • Student Resources, Differentiation & Enrichment
  • School Facilities 
  • Security
Question 4: How Can I Give?
  • Gifts can be given through Parish Pay  if you have an account. Click "Make a New Donation" and choose "St. Michael School Development." 
  • A check to "St. Michael School" can be sent to our Office addressed to The Annual Fund at any time. 
  • For current school families, gifts can be made when tuition arrangements are set in the Spring, as well. 
  • Contributing to the Blue & Gold Gala also helps our critical needs, so please consider attending. Attending the Gala is for anyone connected to the school currently, in the past, or as a parishioner, and we hope you'll join us.
Question 5: How Much Should I Give?
Given the importance of the Annual Fund at St. Michael, we hope you will give as generous and meaningful a contribution as possible. Your dollars ensure excellent Catholic education at St. Mike's. Gifts of every size have significant impact on our students, and we hope you consider making the school a priority in your charitable giving. Your support plays a major role in how "we teach more;" how we reach students' minds, hearts & spirits. "I believe in you," makes all the difference.
Give today!  
"Thank you!"


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