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June 23, 2020

Dear Friends and Family of St. Michael Parish School,

Has someone ever lifted you during a down time? Been your bridge to the other side of a difficulty? All our lives have changed dramatically these past few months due to the world health crisis of COVID-19. Now, because of hardships and losses, some St. Michael students face another… they risk having to leave St. Michael Parish School.

As a member of our community, you know how special the environment and education are at St. Michael. We want our students to staywith their friends, their teachers, their faith families, their big & little buddies, their teammates, their classes, and their church this fall. We want their learning, formation, and growth to stay on track. That is why we turn to you today, asking our community to help. We have an opportunity to build a “tuition bridge” to ensure these students STAY at St. Michael!

To ignite our efforts, we have a family who believes so deeply in this cause, they are offering to match up to $50,000 for this “Stay Fund” right now.  That means, every dollar you give is worth double! If our community can put forth a collective $50,000 by July 4th, we will immediately reach $100,000 of our goal! Ultimately we aim to raise $125,000 to build a tuition bridge for this year and keep our students here at St. Michael. We hope you will help.

  • Are you able to bridge tuition for a student for 1 year at $4,990?

  • Are you able to bridge tuition for a student for 1/2 a year at $2,495?

  • Are you able to bridge tuition for a student for 1 month at $499?

  • Are you able to bridge tuition with a $100 donation?

  • Are you able to give any amount to help build a tuition bridge during this difficult time, knowing it will help a student stay at St. Mike’s?

As challenging as this time has been, God’s grace and love has shone through so many members of the St. Michael community through beautiful, uplifting encouragements, prayers, and acts. Right now, we hope you will continue to join in building each other up by keeping us together. We hope to ensure ALL our Lancers can STAY.  Donations can be made by check, through WeShare, by credit card, or by adding a donation amount to FACTS Management payments (school families only). Thank you for your care and compassion!

May God bless you,

Mr. Adam Ferguson                               Fr. Dan Hoehn 

Principal, St. Michael Parish School                         Pastor, St. Michael Catholic Church


Thank you for your generosity!

New message, June 26: 

WOW! A HUGE shout out to the families of the Class of 2020 for putting together a $10,000 class gift for tuition assistance. THANK YOU for your amazing contribution!

You can help, too... the STAY Fund campaign is going on now to ensure ALL our Lancers return in the fall.

Give online here:…/TuitionBr…

Other options for giving here:…


New message, July 1:

Friends... Now is the perfect time to help a student STAY at St. Mike's. We have raised $22,433 to date for the Stay Fund and need YOUR help to hit our goal! We have a family willing to match $50,000 if you help us reach our goal by July 4th. Give now and your gift will be twice as meaningful!

Click to learn more and give!…

Also, a huge shout out to all who have already contributed and to the Class of 2020 for collecting a class gift of $10,000 for tuition assistance! -- feeling hopeful.


 New message, July 2:

IT'S WORKING! We are now up to $32,573. Please help us raise $17, 427 to reach our match goal of $50,000. With your help, we will ultimately raise $100,000 by July 4th!

Click to give via credit card:…/TuitionBr…

Click to learn more and find more ways to give:…

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New Message: July 21, 2020

Dear Lancer Families,

We first want to thank all of our many donors who generously donated to our St. Mike’s STAY FUND to help with Tuition Assistance. We are always amazed at the outpouring of support from our current families, alumni families, grandparents and parishioners. We raised over $76,000…plus the matching donation of $50,000 which puts us just over our goal of $125,000. This is simply amazing! Thank you for helping us build a tuition bridge for Catholic Education for many of our students.

For those still in need of Tuition Assistance, we ask that you apply now, using the FACTS application through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF). If you’ve previously applied through FACTS or Empower IL, there is no need to reapply, as your information is already part of this process. In addition to applying through FACTS, I ask that you email me at so we can update our lists and begin to distribute funds to those in need. On the application there is a section where you can document any changes in your financial situation due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Once again, thank you to all those who generously donated to our fund in order to support the students of St. Michael Parish School!

God Bless,

Adam Ferguson




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