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We love sharing what is happening here at St. Michael Parish School. Below you can view weekly posts, depicting photos, stories, and information about our school year. Whether glimpsing through as a prospective family, keeping up with events as a current family, or checking back as an alumnus, we hope you enjoy reading all about what our students and community have been up to this past year.  Note that we alternate "styles" to share school highlights from varying perspectives. Be sure to look for these special posts in the Parish bulletin as the new year begins!  More coming soon... 
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September 2018: Making It Great (Principal's Notes), "Welcome!"
September 2018: Weekend Update, "Back to School" 
September 2018: We Are Called, "A Prayerful Preschool"
September 2018: Forever Lancers"Feast of St. Michael, Connections"
October 2018: Weekend Update, "We Are St. Mike's"
October 2018: We Are Called, "One Family in Faith"
October 2018: Making It Great, (Principal's Notes), "Making a Difference"
November 2018: We Are Called, "Mary, Our Mother"
November 2018: We Are Called, "All Are Saints!" 
November 2018: Advent: Hope, Catholic Families Prepare
December 2018: Advent: Faith, Catholic Families Prepare
December 2018: Advent: Joy, Catholic Families Prepare
December 2018: Advent: Love, Catholic Families Prepare 
January 2019: We Are Called, "Got It at the Camel Lot"
January 2019: Making It Great, (Principal's Notes), "Formational Education"
February 2019: Weekend Update, "Celebrating Catholic Schools"
February 2019: We Are Called, "Called to Love"
March 2019: Making It Great, "Lenten Mission"  
March 2019: Weekend Update, "Spring Ahead"
April 2019: We Are Called, "A Joyful Sound"
April 2019: Making It Great, "Safety Update" 
April 2019: We Are Called, "Following the Cross" 
May 2019: Weekend Update, "This Is the Day" 
May 2019: Making It Great, "A Time to Plant" 
May 2019: Weekend Update, "Celebrate Good Times"
Summer 2019: "Welcome!" 

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