Why St. Michael 

Forming Disciples of Christ 

Scholastic success and confidence are critical to your child’s achievements. Because you have been shaped by Faith, we understand your hopes and dreams also extend to the inner life of your child. They extend to your child’s view of self as a unique, worthy, lovable child of God. They include your child’s understanding of his or her place in the world and sense of purpose. They honor the innate desire of all persons to seek more in this life; to respond to calls to action, to know joy, to hope, and to love.

Our teachers, staff and community share these hopes and dreams for the children of St. Michael. Therefore, what we teach and how we teach matter. We concern ourselves with both the education and the formation of students, focused on our mission to form disciples of Christ. With excellence and tradition as our hallmarks, as the Diocese simply puts it, "we teach more."

When your child experiences a St. Michael education, you see your child’s unique gifts and talents nurtured. Beyond their rising competence and knowledge, you see their kindness and concern for others grow. You see compassion. You see work ethic. You see integrity and respect. Generosity. Service. Leadership.

You see the MIND flourish.

         You see the HEART deepen.

                  You see the SPIRIT shine.

You see the powerful impact of school days spent here at St. Michael Parish School.

We invite you to join millions of American Catholics choosing “more” for their children through Catholic education. We invite you to register and begin at St. Michael Parish School!

Make a difference!
St. Michael Parish School 
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